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    I did shear the pins of a blackmagic ef mount with an adapter. There is power on the pins for IS and focus so you never know if it could short out the camera.
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    On a job last week working with the Venice we noticed the pins lighting up when seating a lens. Its not the same camera system but I’d imagine it’s absolutely possible to short through the pins. I wonder if an adapter makes it more or less of a possibility.
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    Over this past week, I have been resurrecting a passable BM Ursa Mini 4.6K from two damaged specimens which fortunately were damaged in different areas of the casework.

    When checking the tightness of the screws on the EF-Mount, something went across a couple of synapses in my feeble brain. I did not pull it apart to check. Some things are best left undisturbed lest they strike back.

    If shims are being added to or removed from behind a mount on the Komodo, does the little pin holder move with the mount or does it stay put. In the event of shims being removed to get lenses into correct collimation with the sensor, then it may be possible for a dumb mount to move closer to the pins and maybe touch them.

    It seems that if the mount is moved rearwards or forwards by removal or addition of shims, then the pin holder may need shims to be also removed or added if there are any fitted.

    It is probably not good practice to shim a camera's lens mount to a lens set but to shim the tails on the lenses to match the camera lens mount which has been correctly adjusted.

    In my setup, I added some internal filters, an IRND2 and LC1/8 to the throat of the camera behind the anti-reflection cone. It can be more conveniently handheld in bright daylight without the weight of external filters in a mattebox or need to set some bizarre shutter speeds or cause diffraction artifacts with tight apertures.

    The filters have the optical effect of moving the lens closer to the sensor and to restore correct focus relationship to the marks on the barrel, shims should be added under the mount. This got me to thinking about that pin holder.
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