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  1. #1 Locating RED files on a mac. 
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    So i have a ton of red files in final cut pro but i cant find them on my mac anywhere in a bundle. Even when i use the get info it tells me to look in the movies section and nothing can be found. Has anyone had the same thing happen? I haven't worked with red files in years and the .r3d search is coming up with nothing. I can only locate one file at a time with the reveal in finder option.
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    have you checked the project library file ? depending on how FCPX is configured regarding the file handling and data management, it might have copied all the files into the library.
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    If you check the size of your FCPX library, it's a good indication of if it contains the media.

    Right clicking the library and selecting "show package contents" will open the actual folder structure of the library. In that structure, you will find folders named after your 'Events'. Each of those contains a folder called 'Original Media'. That's where the files are. Well, IF you opted to copy them there on import.
    I think that is the default, as it makes the project self contained. You can still choose to manage your media manually, externally—but then you need to keep track of it yourself.

    With today's fast external media, someone might choose to 'leave files in place' on import. Then FCPX will only create reference media in the library. Problem is, if you later disconnect the external drive (and maybe even forget that those are the actual 'masters'), then you will need to start over with your backups.
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