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    Is RCXp's pixel mapper not in the SDK/translate to other software? That's a shame.

    Resolve has a pixel mask too; I presume you can do one shot once and apply it to all the others (as those pixels won't move... unless you're using image stabilization or reframing in post).

    But also try setting the the Flashing Pixel Masking to "Strong". It worked wonders on Gemini's space footage automagically and is definitely in the SDK.
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    Flashing Pixel Masking indeed solves it in RCX -- unfortunately this does not appear to be available in Premiere (tried the 2020 version and don't see it there either, and the 2020 version set me back in other ways so sticking with 2019 for now).

    I'll experiment with just making my own mask.

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions, love this community (and Red for also reaching out)!
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