Hi guys.

I am working on a project where it is necessary to encode several video chunks simultaneously, compress them super-hard ad upload them on an incredibly thin internet line ASAP.

I have been playing around with h.265 a bit lately, and quality/size-wise it seems to do the job properly, both with resolve and ffmpeg based tools.... when doing CPU encoding, but the time to encode is not acceptable.

I have also started testing hardware accelerated encoding, and it is super-fast, but at the desired file sizes, the results are kind of totally unusable.

It is thinkable that we can live-encode the files... But not at the first step. We get 1080 h.264 high bitrate chunks of 4x 15 minutes
then we need to grab these, partly composite and partly just compress them as "fast as possible", and then send them on a very think uplink.

So far the only HW encoding I have tried is the Vega II on a MacPro.

I will be testing the M2 Macs and also GPU's on PC's.

But what would be your goto tool for this.

I can discuss the exact bitrate targets in an offline discussion.

But in the open discussion I am just curious of what is considered the best/fast solution?

All hints and tips appreciated!

Best and happy new year!