DaVinci Resolve 17 Public Beta 9

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What’s New in DaVinci Resolve 17 Beta 9

• Support for project collaboration and remote database connection on the free version of DaVinci Resolve.
• Support for double clicking or dragging effects from the effects library to the viewer to apply.
• Addressed an issue where importing some AAF timelines would take a long time.
• Addressed an issue with incorrect crop composite behavior.
• Addressed an issue with hue shift artifacts when using the HDR tool with Resolve color management.
• Addressed an issue with snapping behavior in the Fairlight timeline in some systems.
• Addressed an issue with incorrect Text+ behavior when using non left-to-right text layouts.
• Addressed an issue where the audio sidechain would sometimes not work correctly.
• Addressed an issue with intermittent audio recording issues with 44.1 KHz input devices on 48KHz timelines when using FlexBus.
• Addressed an issue with incorrect audio metering for captures using Blackmagic Design devices.
• Addressed an issue where rendering a comp with Renderer3D on a multi-GPU system would sometimes cause a crash.
• Addressed an issue where pasting clip grade using keyboard shortcut would ignore multiple selected clips.
• Addressed an issue where pasting node grades in the Color page would sometimes not copy the locked state.
• Addressed an issue with gamma shift when using Resolve color management without selecting an output DRT.
• Addressed an issue where disabling a Fusion 3D SubView would sometimes behave incorrectly.
• Addressed an issue with failed renders when using a transition between stills with fusion effects.
• Addressed an issue where in-out range would be ignored for Dolby Atmos audio-only exports.
• General performance and stability improvements.