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    Can a Teradek Bolt Pro receiver be mounted either vertically or horizontally on a Director's Monitor?
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    Couple of variables. Is the Teradek receiver laid out vertically or horizontally and if you're powering the monitor off of battery and attaching the receiver to the battery bracket, is the battery bracket oriented vertically or horizontally? Receivers like the Bolt 500XT don't have native battery plates on them or external antennas, so I put mine in the Teradek Gold Mount battery bracket and it's in a "vertical orientation" with the battery bracket. One of my monitors that I pair it with, an older Panasonic that has a native Gold Mount battery bracket that is mounted vertically. So when the Rx is mounted on that monitor via the battery bracket, it is vertical. But if it was on something like one of my 7" smallHD's, the monitor battery bracket is horizontal, so then the Rx would be horizontal. And while it doesn't have external, individual antennas, the antenna enclosure would then be horizontal. The higher powered/longer ranged system Rx's, like the Bolt 1000's & 3000 have a "horizontal" orientation that allow it to mount on the horizontally mounted/oriented battery bracket that most smallHD monitors use(when using Gold Mount or V-Mount battery plates), while still keeping the antennas "vertical". Best practice is usually to keep the antennas vertical.

    Of course, if it's a stationary monitor and you don't need to mount the receiver via the battery bracket, you can just use something like a noga arm and make sure you mount it with the antennas oriented vertically.

    I think that was a long winded way of saying, try to keep the antennas vertical, but it could be harder or easier to do depending on the receiver, monitor and power system being used.
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    They had a long answer. Yes, you can mount it up, down, left, right. As long as it’s getting a good signal, you’re good. If it’s cutting out, get it up higher for clearer line of sight.
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