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Had a personal epic that took a fall with a covered lens.

Lens took the hit.

Lens was worth $1k (only 2 years old)

Athos couldn’t cover it though I had all my gear value included in my two years of coverage with them.
Guess there’s some reason? You have to list every piece of gear I have no idea, but they didn’t come through.
What was your deductible? Honestly, if it was me and something got broken or stolen and it was in the $1,000 ballpark, I wouldn't make a claim and have that on my "insurance record".

If it was a "scheduled" policy, then EVERY single piece of equipment that you want covered MUST be listed. My agent(not with Athos) told me when I order a new piece of gear and I want it covered, their recommendation is to email them and request for it to be added to the scheduled policy BEFORE I take delivery of it, because there is no "grace period" and the only way they will pay, is if it is listed. If I received a new piece of gear and I dropped it taking it out of the box and broke it, it would not be covered by them unless it was already listed.

BTW: I really dislike scheduled policies. My previous policies were unscheduled and much more flexible, but the agency I'm with now wouldn't issue me a blanket unscheduled policy for the amount I wanted, like my previous agent/agency that I had been with for ~20 years.