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    Non RED-user sound editor here. I know how to extract .wav from RED camera files using RED Cine. My problem is with one particular camera file. When I open it in RED Cine, it opens to a small clip from the whole file, that's all it will show or transfer. It seems something has put a marker somewhere, but I can't figure it out. Can anyone tell me how to access the entire camera file, when all that opens is a small clip? Entire file is about 2GB, but the clip that opens is only a few seconds long.

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    Just guessing, but it sounds like you've only got part of the R3D clip.

    The actual R3D clip (within the file folder) will be split into multiple parts depending on the overall clip duration.

    Using FAT32 file formatting, the R3D clip will be split into 3.75-4GB sized parts.

    You can check to see which part(s) you've got by looking at the numbers on the end of the R3D file, as they end with _001, _002, _003 etc.

    If the R3D file you're looking at ends with _002, _003 etc, then the first part of your clip (eg._001) is missing. If it ends with _001 but is at the 3.75-4GB limit there may be subsequent parts missing.

    Knowing whether the clip is ending short or starting late when you play it back can help you figure out what's going on.

    If the R3D file you're looking at ends with _001 and is less than 3.75GB in size, it should be the entire clip (if it was captured properly in the first place), so the answer to your problem will lie elsewhere.
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