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  1. #1 SmallHD Focus Pro for Komodo - OLED or not ? 
    I just got a "SmallHD Focus Pro" monitor, upgraded with SDI and the control protocol for Komodo.

    I got the "non OLED" version, since it was cheaper and has 800 nits of brightness.

    The "OLED" version is more expensive, but is listed as only 350 nits.

    I will use it primarily for framing and camera control, not for critical focus.

    Any thoughts about which one would be a better companion for the Komodo?
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    Depends on where you shoot the most and what you want to see(is a more accurate image more important?). If you are outside or in bright(er) environments the majority of the time, the brighter LCD version may be better for you. I personally prefer OLED monitors, because of the black levels and better overall image, BUT I use a VF 99% of the time when I shoot outside and in bright environments.

    As a side note, smallHD has discontinued all of the their Focus OLED monitors, including the new Pro. They still list the limited edition Focus Pro OLED, but of course, the quantities are limited. Some dealers still have stock of the “regular” Focus Pro OLED, though.

    It seems the era of “affordable” professional OLED monitors appears to have passed us by rather quickly. With the exception of remaining stock of the small Focus OLED monitors, I’m having a hard time finding any professional OLED monitor that isn’t north of $11K, now.
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    Yes I can see your point. One has to wonder, why would they discontinue these products?

    Same wondering goes for the Focus Bolt 7 inch + Teradek Receiver. A very convenient model - now discontinued.
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