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My personal preference would be to suffer the cost and inconvenience of spare batteries and use your cigarette lighter socket and inverter to charge them. Otherwise I would also favour using the 12v-inverter-12v path to maintain some isolation between the camera and vehicle power. Quarantine your camera from a vehicle's power. Electrical power from a motor vehicle is grubby at best. I have never known a cigarette light socket/plug to be reliable, especially if someone has lit cigarettes from the lighter and ash has got into the socket with corrosion started. The things have resistance and intermittent connection already built-in before you even drive the vehicle and shake it. The lighter socket can be used and successfully for the most part but it is an invitation to disaster which eventually may be accepted. Murphy's Law AKA Sod's Law decrees that if things are going to lay down, they will do so at the worst possible time and place. Been there and done that with a SI2K and an old Bolex. The SI2K did not like it much.
I will probably use a brad harrison plug since I don't trust cig sockets either. However, I have found with cheaper and lighter pure sine inverters (like the one I use when travelling and using other people's cars) there can be some AC leakage - enough to feel the current running through my body when I touch both the camera and a metal part of the car. I've had this happen with two inverters - apparently it's just a side effect of lower quality components. Not sure if it's enough current to damage anything, but direct 12v from the vehicle via a regulator might well be the safer option in these situations.