I would like to know what experience shooters have with the Teradek RT. I am looking at purchase of the MDR.X receiver, MOTR.X motors and CTRL.3 controller.
a) Functionality - is it easy to use/configure and is it TOTALLY reliable? Are there issues with motors, firmware, cables, operator controls (wheels, knobs), etc.?
b) Battery life - how long will the controller run on one charge of the Canon battery?
c) Interference - I will be in remote locations most of the time. As such, I don't expect interference issues BUT when shooting in the "big city" with all kinds of ambient electronic competition, is the communication reliable and unlikely to have issues?
d) Environment - Is the unit reliable in all conditions (hot, temperate, below freezing)? What is the experience - especially in cold conditions where issues are most likely?
e) TOF - while not on my shopping list at the moment, the TOF attachment looks interesting. What is the experience with this add-on?
f) Proximity - in the user's manual it says the transmitter power must be "low" when the transmitter is close to the receiver. Is it an issue if the transmitter/controller is used on the fluid head handles = real close?
g) Lens calibration - How good are the rings at matching the focus distance on the lens? Can differences be effectively neutralized with the correction factor(s)? Is there one correction factor or several (I couldn't tell from the Teradek video)?
h) The MOTR.X motors are quite a bit more expensive than the MK.3 motors. Is there a clear incentive (other than the cable daisy chaining) to buy the MOTR.X if high speed motion is not likely to be a priority?
i) Any trouble with the cabled interface between the DSMC2 (Monstro) and the Teradek RT?
j) Is there anything else I should know about this product?

Thanks for your help.