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    I am currently on a show directing 2nd Unit. We are using Panavision 1.8X T series anamorphic (which are cool). and it seems I am limited to full 8K to 60fps. I think there might be a firmware hack to fix this and maybe get 80fps. What does anyone know about this?
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    Doubt thats the case. Framerate is set by the number of vertical pixel rows so if shooting full height of the 8k sensors you will not get 80fps.
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    Pretty sure Björn is correct.

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    If you were to shoot spherically and crop to 8k WS then your max frame rate would be 75fps. But since you are shooting anamorphic and using the full sensor height, then it's 60fps
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    Hi Peter,

    No known hacks here, but you can use a framing guide and a res/format change and shoot 6K FF's height to achiever higher FPS, much like switching resolutions normally.
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    Rotate lens-camera 90 degree? Anamorphic hack.
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    Phil, I am using your FPS guide my friend. Thanks
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    This is a really good post imma do my part by help keeping it going.
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