Thread: Tentacle Track E Timecode and DSMC1 and DSMC2 best practices

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    Hi! I'm a long time Red shooter that is just getting into figuring out timecode so I apologize if this is super obvious. I've researched quite a bit and still have questions.

    I've used a combination of Tentacle Sync E's and Zaxcom ZFR 300's with DSMC1/DSMC2's on shoots with good luck. We would use the Sync E's to jam each camera and then the Sync E's to the Zax's from that.

    I'm planning on buying one or two of the Track E for my own kit and would like to know if it's necessary to use a Sync E in the process and haven't been able to find much info. I understand that the Track E can receive timecode but cannot output timecode.

    One camera shoots:
    Is it possible to send the TOD/TC from the camera to the Track E with this cable: (if so, will this be frame accurate for an entire day?)

    Two+ camera shoots:
    Can I jam sync two or more (RED) cameras without the need to use a Sync E? If so can I just jam the two cameras and then jam the Track E from one of the already jammed cameras? What cable do I need? Could I use a BNC/SDI cable? 4 pin Lemo to 4 pin Lemo?

    Many thanks!!

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    You need a Sync-E constantly connected to the camera to keep the camera's internal clock synced (the clock in the camera drifts too much to be used as a time-code source).

    But you can use that same Sync-E to Jam-Sync a Track-E and then the Track-E will hold the time-code in sync on its own.

    Multiple Sync-E's and Track-E's can be jam-synced together from any one of the Sync-E's.

    But no, you can't do what you were describing (if it requires using the/a camera as the time-code source).

    Tentacle sell the cables that go from the Synch-E to the RED camera timecode input.
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    Best Practice: Sync E on everything that needs timecode synced. That's the entire purpose.

    Why would you jam from the camera? Do it the easy way and jam all the Sync E's and Track E's from the app(we usually just use the 'phone time', as it's real time which makes things super easy for multiple reasons) with the Sync button at the bottom of the main app screen. It will automatically jam ALL devices that it detects(Sync E's and Track E's). Then put a Sync E on whatever needs TC.

    I have seen people take a Tentacle and just go around and "jam" cameras and not leave the box attached. I would just shake my head. Again, that was defeating the entire purpose of sync boxes. Just buy a couple of sets and you should be covered for most reasonable situations. I own six Sync's: four E's and two OG's. Plus two Track E's(correct, they cannot send TC out via cable like the Sync's, but you can sync other Sync's and Track's to it via the app). Most of the time, four Sync E's are enough to cover us.
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