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    What Brian said is also valid. I sometimes run the Legacy mode for grading and other times I run it through the IPP2 and they both, for me, work absolutely fine. I find that the IPP2 gives me better highlight retention and rolls off a little nicer than the Legacy workflow.

    Quote Originally Posted by Brian Timmons View Post
    I think what people call the look of a RED sensor (i.e the Mysterium or MX look) was mostly tied to where the color science software was at that particular time the sensor was released.

    Run 10+ year old MX footage with the older color science through the newer IPP2 color science and that same footage looks like it was shot with a different (upgraded) camera.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Sherrick View Post
    Karim, are you saying Arri Alexa doesn’t shoot RAW?
    Sorry for the misunderstanding. I am aware that Alexas have a RAW option, but a lot of productions are very happy with ProRes.
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    I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone that posted.

    I have learnt alot about the image, Red and just general shooting from this thread that will help me identify if i am making the correct purchase.

    Again thank you all so much!
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    Love this post and thanks for starting it up.
    Phil your wisdom is like a slurpee in 30c weather.
    Want to keep drinking even after the brain freeze :)
    Learn so much from your posts.
    < Someday I'll be cool enough to have something witty here >
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