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    A very rare set of TLS reworked Lomo Anamorphic Lenses for sale. I have owned these lenses for over 10 years. Originally they were purchased from Steve Morton and were some excellent examples which I then had fully overhauled, striped and rebuilt by TLS at great expense replacement parts were machined and they were rescaled. The work took a long time to complete but transformed them. We also replaced some of the rear blocks with identical but better performing Lomo blocks to get the very best set possible.

    The set includes the very rare 22mm which is a very unique lens and creates some really striking wide lens cinematography.

    I had a round front and the square front 35mm but just never used the round front as we always preferred the square front for a number of reasons, so the set includes the square front that again was reworked by TLS to complete the set.

    22mm F3.5
    35mm F2.5
    50mm F2.5
    75mm F2.5
    100mm F3.4

    They have never ever been rented out and only used on a handful of my projects over the years. I can share links to projects we used them on should anyone be interested.

    They are in my opinion a special set and need to be seen to be appreciated.

    Happy for anyone in the UK to view, and happy to send more info etc on request.

    80,000 - Negotiable
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    Remarkable set
    " Speed needed for catching fleas "
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    Oh man. What beauties. I wish I could have all the Lomos in the world.
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    Thanks guys, I have had several people show interest in the 22mm and keen to see if they could buy that on it's own which would depend on whether anyone was interested in buying the rest of the set.
    Also, the price is negotiable.
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    These are absolutely beautiful!
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    If you are selling them because of the telescoping and barrel rotation then check out the new Mirrorscope rehouse. instagram: mirrorscope_lenses
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    Thanks Darryl. Nope to me they are perfect the way they are. Sadly i'm selling because I don't use them as much as I used to as shooting further afield and i don't travel with gear like i used to. Ive really enjoyed owning them for so many years and would just keep them if i could but needs must!
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    These are sexy....
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    Cheers Andrew!

    I have mentioned to several redusers that i would consider selling the 22mm and even the 35mm separately, but only if someone was interested in the 50,75 and 100 as a set, so i'm just mentioning it on the thread as there may be someone out there that has a smaller budget but would be interested in the smaller set if i did break them up.
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