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    I own a V2 of the lens and I have to say I would not be so fast to convert it. Id really just look around and talk to Duclos and see what they say about adapting the front to match your more common matt box setup. The V2 is nice but Im sure there are other options from loosing sleep abut getting the parts for the V2. If your really set on it maybe shop around or post about a damaged or parts only V2 on the Used gear site and see what comes up.
    Good luck.
    Thanks Russ! Unfortunately Duclos is unable to help as they don't have access to spare parts either. Already posted on the marketplace, perhaps someone has a damaged/for parts only V2 to sell, that would be grand.

    BTW I saw that there is a 143mm Clamp-On Adapter for LMB-5. I know the front diameter of the V1 is 144, but anyone know if the 143 can be opened enough to make it fit? That could be an intermediate solution then, as I mostly would be using LMB-5/15s with that lens anyway.
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    I want to say the 143mm clamp for the LMB-5 will work, but don't have any way to try and confirm... There's usually 1~2mm of play there when you loosen them up. Failing that, you could go with the 156mm and use a 156 to 144 step down/ adapter ring. Movcam makes one that fits the MM5 matte box and I know there should be a couple out there. Someone like Duclos can make you a step-down ring.
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    HI Jeff! Finally got a 143 adapter on my hands and it worked indeed. Still looking for the smaller front if anyone has a broken one that they'd sell for parts!
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