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    For sale - in tandem or separate:

    - Nauticam RED DSMC2 housing for full size PL mount optics and servos. Not listed on Nauticam web page, sold in limited quantities / made to order only.
    - Nauticam ARRI ALEXA MINI/LF housing:

    Selling on behalf of rental house, but both housings have seen little use and are in pristine condition, fresh water/pool shoots only. Dome, flat port and port extenders are interchangeable between housings.

    Link to Dropbox folder with pictures of gear:

    - RED DSMC2 Digital Cinema System housing only (without ports) - list price new: $ 24.600,- Asking $18.000 OBO
    - Alexa Mini/Mini LF housing with dome and 3x port extenders - list price new: $ 27.752,- Asking $20.000 OBO
    - Accessories, LCS remote cable, flat port etc. Price: TBD

    Open for deal on both housings bought together.
    __________________________________________________ ___

    Amund Lie
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  2. #3462 Documentary Ansião - expedition to the depths 
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    Deep below, beneath the surface, a submerged cave awaits to be explored.
    A vertical descent into a well 45 meters deep. An underground fracture filled with crystal clear water. A team of 20 cavers set up an expedition to advance further in the knowledge of this submerged cave.
    This is the documentary of that profound expedition.

    Entirely shoot with a Red Weapon Dragon Mg 6K.
    Rui Guerra - PHOTOGUERRA Underwater Productions, Lda.
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    Hey all thought Id throw this out here as most of you are in the same boat as I so to speak.
    I have a new Wave Camera from Freefly and would like to get a Underwater housing for it made. I don't need crazy deep depths. Think of it as a bomber surf housing that could safely do 25 to 30 feet if needed.
    Anyone know of a good housing maker for this kind of work. Could be folded Aluminum or milled bullit or Id even consider a Carbon fiber layup but kind of need to start the process to see whats available.
    thanks all
    Post here or PM me.
    Epic Forged Monstro (Camera 101)
    Epic X (Tribal)
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