Hi all,

I'll be back in Japan from the 13th December 2012 to the 9th January 2013 to shoot a short film, "An American Piano", in 3D using our Epic stereoscopic rig :)

Since that shoot is only two days (with some additional prep time before the shoot) I'll have a lot of free time in which to do other jobs if someone wants to avail themselves of my talents and/or gear :)

Because it's Christmas, and because everyone loves a good discount, I am doing a couple of specials whilst I'm there:

1. You can get the Epic 3D Package below (with me as either DP, camera operator or stereographer) for 250,000 円 / 日 which is a 50,000 円 discount on the normal price, and

2. You can get the regular 2D Epic package along with me as DP, operator or DIT (see here for the details of what's in it) for just 65,000 円 / 日 which is a 15,000 円 discount on the normal price.

If anyone is interested in those prices send me a PM and I'll be able to give you more info on schedules etc.

Hope to catch up with some of you whilst I'm there!

Cheers from San Francisco (for now),

Paul :)