Please allow me to introduce myself. We are commercial photographers based in Doha Qatar and Miami Florida USA. As part of our commercial photography business we have invested in several remote control multi-rotor helicopters cable of performing Aerial Photography, Aerial Videography and Aerial Cinematography. We have a range of craft; the smallest providing GoPro3Black POV, Medium Lifters - GH2/GH3/5D2/5D3 DSLRs and finally we've received (hence the post) our USD35k Xtra Large craft capable of lifting fully rigged EPIC/Scarlet/C300/FS700 etc.

Similar to remote control helicopters which fill the gap between jibs/lifts, cable cams and full scale helicopters. Multi-rotors are much more stable and and have far less inherent vibration and as they are electric powered they are also able to fly indoors, something which is fairly tough for a full scale heli to do. ;) These are 3 axis gimbal stabilized, two man crew (1 Pilot 1 Cam Operator) w live SD video downlink from cam to Video Village.

We estimate flight tests, gimbal tuning and video downlink testing to take between 30-45 days before we're ready to give you the caliber of footage you expect but wanted to give you a heads up that this may be a future option to help you give your clients "the shot".

Please note, this would be a lifting service only. It's your footage, your copyright, (your editing), etc. It's a fancy dolly ;) ;)

If you have any questions please contact Steven Ziegler at for additional details.

Wish you all the best and have a positive day.