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    Red Leader Jannard's Avatar
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    Dec 2006
    We entered the market way back when with a 4K camera. Our thinking was that 1080P was not good enough to replace film. We were right apparently... 7 years later.

    What we learned along the way was that while 4K acquisition was certainly better than 1080P... it was not ideal.

    A 4K finish from a bayer pattern sensor (what everyone does) begs for more captured resolution than 4K. A 1080P sensor (1920x1080) does not fill up a 1080P box. A 4K sensor also does not fill up a 4K box.

    Our M-X sensor captured 4.5K in a RED ONE and 5K in an EPIC-X (or EPIC-M). Much better. The 4K box was almost full. 6K... the 4K box is overflowing.

    Going forward, we realize that down-rezzing has a HUGE advantage to final output. Hence the 6K Dragon.

    Not only do you have the option to recompose, stabilize, and zoom... the idea of down-rezzing gives a much better final output to a 4K delivery. It lowers noise. You get apparent sharpness without sharpening.

    So while the others have joined the party... they have entered where we were 7 years ago. They have thrown the ball to where the receiver was... not where he is.

    At some point you need to decide who you believe will deliver the future. The company with the vision, or the company that follows the vision. Who is ahead and who is behind?

    If the company with the vision also happens to embrace their customers at all costs (upgrades instead of all new cameras)... you win every which way you look at it.

    The choice is yours...

    "The camera is arguably one of the most important of all inventions… it is the single tool that has the ability to stop time, record history, generate art, tell stories, and communicate messages that transcend language like nothing else ever conceived."

    "Everything in life changes... including our camera specs and delivery dates..."

    We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone with a bad attitude.
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    Senior Member greg filipkowski's Avatar
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    Mar 2009
    When I bought my scarlet it changed my life, today I upgraded to Epic X, a full motion Movie Camera, Im sure it will change my life again.
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    Senior Member Michael Jarvis's Avatar
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    Yes it is. I choose Scarlet Dragon....and in 6 Epic Dragon purchase. 2 Cams. Amazing vision. Thanks Jim.
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    great how it started, were you / we are now and where this is leading us to. Thanks for this, for all the efforts, for all the sleepless nights, for everyone working day in, day out to make it happen. Just thank you.

    Now I can't wait to see RED RAY starting off, ODEMAX, the projectors. I hope you can soon provide some news for us.

    Axel Mertes, CTO/Founder
    Magna Mana, Frankfurt am Main, Germany,
    RED ONE-MX#110, EPIC-X#1235
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    Nov 2011
    A sincere thank you for all you and your team have accomplished, I can say I get to shoot everyday on a camera capable of shooting images I never thought would be accesible to me, used by some of the biggest names in the industry by people who have achieved the success I one day hope to achieve. I was able to get an awesome discount on a battle tested scarlet, and today put my preorder in for a scarlet dragon, all at twenty years old. I have so much to go but this tool has changed the way I approach my craft and its come with an amazing community of people always willing to share knowledge and experience. You guys have built something truly special.
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    No, I do not RENT MY GEARS... - NYC (Times Square)

    EPIC-D with 9" touch, 4 RAVENs, RPP, Sigma 18-35 PL, Motion Mount, VF/RED-rock wireless FF, Pana 17", JVC 20", Seadicam with SEGWAY, Letus 4-Axis with L'Aigle Exoskeleton.

    Trash-Can 12-core Max'd-out) +MBP (Retina), RED Rocket (Sonnet), RAID system (Promise Pegasus II), Adobe Production (CC), FCS2, Resolve 12 with MC Color, 50" 4K Panel
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    Senior Member Jon Carr's Avatar
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    Happy to be a part of it. Even more happier with my epic trade in!
    Dp Reel
    Camera & Lighting Rentals in NYC
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    Schneider Xenon FF primes PL

    It's REDcode or no code...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jannard View Post
    W. They have thrown the ball to where the receiver was... not where he is.

    The choice is yours...

    Seeing as Jarred is Canadian,

    it was Walter Gretzky, the great ones dad, who told him to "skate to where the puck will be, not to where it is" a famous piece of Canadian hockey history now.

    Red, as you so eloquently pointed out, has not followed the puck, as other are doing, but they are skating to where the puck will be. (But also inventing the game too)

    6k matters, it's not "too much" as some might argue, it is what is now required.

    NAB from a distance was fun to follow, as RED has been since the start. Although, I don't feel like a follower. When I put my EPIC on the tripod, I feel more like part of a large team of horses, pulling a heavy burden into the future. I feel I'm part of something bigger.


    "Colors are the wounds of light."
    -William Blake
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    Member Chris Gurtlinger's Avatar
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    Nov 2012
    Quakertown, PA

    Everyone else are just sheep following the legendary Vision of RED and thats all they will ever be people who follow. I've always been a supporter since the begining even if it was only in spirit on the sidelines, only recently was able to finally buy my first red last november and I am looking forward to upgrading to Dragon as soon as I can! Can't wait to see what the Scarlet Dragon can do and bring out its full potential! Keep up the amazing work, I can't wait to see whats to come!
    Chris Gurtlinger
    Digital Media Specialist
    Scarlet-X Owner #03563
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    Moderator Phil Holland's Avatar
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    Los Angeles
    I think this is one area that shows Red's experience in creating a quality 4K finish. As we're looking forward to 4K laser projection and displays we're going to be seeing things that we haven't been able to really see before. Details, textures, the flavor of the scene or environment. It's a similar mindset to how film has had it's best results by scanning it at higher resolutions and scaling down.

    There's some interesting shooting benefits I can see too. Lenses that resolve lower line pairs for instance will produce improved image quality by scaling down from 6K to 4K for delivery.

    Also interesting, for those who like to shoot deeper aperture work around T16 and beyond where we might face diffraction limits beginning to creep into the image can indeed be scaled down to produce a higher quality image.

    I still shoot stills as well and I currently don't own a camera that can capture 6K, yet another realm to explore. Can't wait to do some portraiture and higher resolution panoramas with Dragon at 6K. I'm betting the prints from extracted 6K stills are going to look lovely.

    There's also the format size considerations, where Dragon 5K lands in the 3-perf S35 zone of coverage and Dragon 6K getting very close to 8-perf VistaVision (or FF35). To me it's almost like having two cameras in one body and it also happens shoot two of my favorite formats to shoot with.

    I walked away from NAB with a smile. Dragon's the tool I've been waiting for. I can't wait to capture through it.
    Phil Holland - Cinematographer - Los Angeles
    ________________________________ IMDB
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    2X RED Monstro 8K VV Bodies and a lot of things to use with them.

    Data Sheets and Notes:
    Red Weapon/DSMC2
    Red Dragon
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